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Metal Recycling
Drop Off and Pick Up
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Metal Recycling
Drop Off and Pick Up
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Metal Recycling
Drop Off and Pick Up
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Metal Recycling Melbourne

‘Whether it’s 1kg of scrap metal from your home yard or an ongoing service requirement for small to large businesses, you have found the solution.’

We sincerely believe that the combined experience of our team, servicing scrap metal suppliers from the home renovator to the large manufacturer is unrivaled. To understand why more people are making the switch to Hart Recycling you need to visit our recycling centre to experience it yourself! You deserve to know the difference! 

Scrap metal Drop off

$$ FOR SCRAP! Visit our drive thru scrap metal recycling centre to receive ‘good old fashioned service’ and the best prices paid for all your recyclable metals.

Scrap Metal Collection

We offer scrap dealers and merchants throughout VIC a respectful, reciprocal and supportive relationship with an experienced team that is known for it’s friendly and efficient customer service.

Industry & Manufactorers

Does your business generate volumes of industrial metal waste? Enquire about our tailored service agreements which include transparent buying procedure

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Frequently Asked Questions

No bookings required! As long as you are here on site in between our trading hours, you can
drive on in!

No, you do not! If you do have an ABN, we recommend that you use it. If not, we can invoice it
privately by using any form of identification you have.

No unfortunately, Cash for Scrap was outlawed by the Victorian Government in 2018.  Cash for Scrap is now not permitted through Victoria.  If your scrap dealer is offering to pay you Cash for Scrap they are operating outside the law.  We advise that you really should avoid Metal Recycling sites in Victoria that offer you Cash for Scrap.

We have two payment options. We have an EFTPOS terminal here on site so we can refund it straight onto a debit card for you. (Not a Credit Card, refund must go to a savings or cheque account linked to your card). There is a $1000.00 limit on EFTPOS transactions.

We also can transfer the funds via BSB and Account Number for any amount, there is no limit. All payments over $1000 will be processed via electronic funds transfer into your bank account.

Cheque is also available upon request.

NO Gas Bottles or Pressure Vessels
NO Flammable Liquid or Gases
NO Oxidising Agents
NO Corrosive Material
NO Explosives
NO Toxic Substances
NO Asbestos
NO Radioactive Material
NO Uncleaned Drums or Containers
NO Non-Metallic Rubbish
NO Biological Hazards
NO Lithium or NiCAD Batteries
NO Stolen material

YES, If it is made of metal and isn’t a prohibited item, you can be pretty damn sure we will take it and pay you $$$$ for it.

YES!  However, we do suggest that if your car is of reasonable condition, you may find that you will get more money for it by selling it to a wrecker.  However, we will buy it regardless, and pay you fairly on the weight of the car.  We ask that no LPG tanks are fitted.

We do not have a minimum weight requirement in place. As much or as little you have, we will happily buy.

We have a variety of heavy machinery readily available to help assist with unloading if required.

Our helpful yard staff will also be able to assist you.

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